Do you have a bill you would like to pay

Ausure provides you with a number of convenient options to pay your insurance premiums

4 convenient ways to pay your bill

Click here to pay by your bill using our online portal via credit card
Credit Card
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At your Internet banking site using  BPay® code 30510 (please refer to your invoice for the reference number).

Cheque Account

By Phone
Call 1300 885 175 – you will need your biller code 401422 and your invoice number
Credit Card

On your telephone banking service using BPay® code 30510.

Savings or cheque account

By Post
Send to a cheque to -:
Ausure Pty Ltd PO Box 10709 Brisbane, QLD, 4000

In Person
At your Ausure Adviser’s branch location
Cash Cheque Savings or cheque account Credit card*